Call Happily Ever After, Lisa Kirkman, at (336) 736-0538 to receive your consignor number and schedule your item drop off appointment. There are afternoon and evening appointments available. Call today to become a consignor.

Choosing Items
Preparing Item for Sale

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Choosing Items 

Items Accepting

Spring Sale - Short sleeve and thin long sleeve shirts, light weight pants and jeans, spring and summer dresses, skirts, capris, spring cardigans, light weight coats, and spring and summer appropriate shoes. (NO sweatpants, fleece clothing, cordoroy, winter coats, winter boots, Halloween costumes, Christmas outfits, no shoes larger than a children's 4 1/2)

Fall Sale - Short and long sleeve shirts, pants, jeans, and capris, fall and winter dresses, winter coats, light weight jackets, Halloween costumes, fall and winter appropriate shoes. (NO shorts, sleeveless shirts, sandals, no shoes larger than a children's 4 1/2)

Gently worn infant, children, juniors, and maternity clothes. Seasonal clothes, and shoes (current styles only), bath tubs, diaper pails, baby furniture, strollers, car seats, swings, activity centers, bikes, indoor and outdoor toys, children’s sporting equipment,games, puzzles, books, port-a-beds, bouncy seats, baby monitors, baby bottles and feeding accessories, nursing equipment, and pregnancy supplies, nursery and child bedroom theme decorations, and almost anything relating to an infant or child. Only brand name or logo T-shirts or sweatshirts are accepted.

Items Not Accepting
This is a high quality sale. We want all customers to know there is a “Gently Used” standard on all items for sale. The list below is to ensure a high quality successful sale for customers and consignors.

Items that appear excessively worn or dirty, stained or broken. Make sure all snaps, zippers, and buttons are in good working condition. No out of date styles. Toys with missing pieces or in need of working batteries. Shoes must be in excellent condition or they will probably not sell. Please check with to ensure that the items you consign are not subject to recalls. No pacifiers, bottles nipples, teething toys, or stuffed animals (unless the tag says that they are machine washable or they are still in their new packaging). We no longer have a Women's section. We will accept shoes from infant up to a children's size 4 1/2. We no longer will be selling sizes 5 - 11 adults, because we have found that they do not sell well.

All items must be priced using a 3” X 5” index card. Please write on the white side for easy reading. These cards are taken off when item is purchased and used to give you credit for your items.

Place consignor number in top left corner.  Place the size in the top right corner.


Children: 0-3m, 3-6m, 6-9m, 12m, 18m, 24m, 2T, 3T, 4T, 5,…...16 and up.
Junior's - S, M, L, XL ( adult sizes, but High School and College age styles) Maternity: S(0-4), M(6-10), L(12-16), and XL(18-up).

Place the description of item in the center. Identify as boy’s, girl’s, or maternity. Use this space to “sell” your item. Ie: “Name brand label”, “New”, “Only Worn Once”, etc. Also list how many pieces there are in the set.

Examples of descriptions:

Girl’s Vitamins Pink Romper with Coordinating Hat “Worn Once”

Fisher Price Little People House with Little People and Furniture.

The price should be clearly marked in the lower right corner.

As a service to our consignors, if you place a “D” in the lower left corner of the index card then the item will automatically be donated to CUOC, Randleman Community Center, or Randolph County Health Department if it has not sold at the end of the sale. If you would like all the proceeds from your sold items to go to CUOC, let us know when you call to schedule a drop off appointment. A consignor # has been assigned to CUOC for such donations. Please prepare your items the same as if you were consigning for yourself.

Any tags not completed correctly will need to be corrected at your drop off appointment, so please complete them carefully.


Preparing Item for Sale

The appearance of your item is what will determine if it will sell and how much someone will be willing to pay for it. Taking the time to clean items will pay for itself in the end.

Place clothing items on hangers with the hanger hook facing left when you are facing the garment. (So that the top of the hanger looks like a question mark). Infant clothing should be placed on children’s plastic hangers when possible for better presentation. All other clothing and bedding should be on wire hangers. Pin items to top of hanger if they slide. Pin pants and skirts on the top part of the hanger with two safety pins. Please use strong safety pins to hang heavy pants and skirts. We do not want you pins to pop and have the pins and your clothes fall on the floor. Have all buttons, snaps, and zippers closed to help with presentation. Sets tend to sell better, so match things together if you can. Pin the back of sets together so they do not become separated. Place price tag on upper right side of garment with a silver safety pin 1 inch or larger. (no small gold safety pins or straight pins). Make sure the safety pins grabs the garment and tag twice to prevent tearing.

Clean all shoes. Place shoes side by side like they would be in your closet wrap a rubber band around pair of shoes to keep them together, then place price tag under rubber band on the bottom of the shoes. Tape price tag to the rubber band. Make sure that the price is visible.

Toys, equipment, and furniture
Place small toys in Ziploc bags, taping the opening closed with clear packing tape to prevent them from popping open. The more coordinating toys you place in the bag the better chance you have of it selling. Example: Large gallon bag of army men with accessories. Please do not bring small odd-end toys as they will be hard to sell and to keep up with. Games and Puzzles should have all pieces and should be in boxes closed and sealed with tape. Larger toys with small pieces, place small pieces in a Ziploc bag, seal seam with clear packing tape, and tape to larger toy piece. Batteries should be installed in toys, to show that they are in good working order. Attach price tag with tape.  If that is not feasible, punch a hole in the price tag and attach it with a ribbon to a visible part of the toy. Make sure it can be easily taken off for our records when it sells.

Place bedding and blankets on wire hangers, securing with safety pins or in large bedding plastic bags. Place Price tag on upper right section with a large safety pin if on a hanger or with packing tape if in a bag.



Price items to sell! We suggest pricing at 1/4 to 1/3 of the original purchase price depending on the condition and name brand of item. Consider what you would be willing to pay for the item if you were an objective customer. Only use even dollar increments. (ie: $3.00, $4.00, etc.) No item should be priced at less than $2.00. If you would not pay at least $2.00 for an item, then it would not be appropriate for this sale.

If you do not want your item to be sold for half-price on the half-price sales then, circle the price with a red pen. If you would be willing to sell for a lower price then write the lower price next to the circled price, also in red ink. 


Remember when you price to consider if you want to have to take an item back home with you if you have over priced your items. It might be better to sell an item for half-price than to not sell it at all. We want this to be a very successful sale for you.

Clearance Sale! Sunday, April 2: 6-8pm
Everything on sale up to 70% off

All items will be an additional 25% off the Half Price Day price. This additional 25% will not reduce your check. Happily Ever After absorbs the additional discount. In other words, you are paid based on the Half Price Days commission. If you need additional clarification, please call us at (336) 736-0538


Click here for a print-friendly copy of this page.